A family owned business built on quality workmanship and service
As a family, we believe in honesty, trust and simple things like courtesy. As professionals we stand by quality, service and accountability. Our Planning and Design Services
You know your home and your lifestyle the best: the plans must suit your needs.
  • Take advantage of the Fletcher Construction Planning and Design Service to turn your home improvement ideas into reality. If you have an architect designing your home, we're happy to liaise with him/her to build the project
Trades and Materials
We have relationships with sub trades we trust, though we're happy to work with professionals you trust.

In any case, all subcontracting is carefully supervised and monitored. For example:
  • We bring sub trades through your home before giving you our price to ensure that all details are covered.
  • We ensure the protection of your home with clean drop sheets, sealing off both the doorways and ducts in the room where work is being done - to minimize the amount of dust in your home.

We are experienced in sourcing the best quality materials for the best value.

Our intention is not to "sell" specific products, but to listen to your needs, explore your tastes and find a quality item that fits the budget. If you wish to supply some of your own materials, we list them with the dates required to ensure our schedule stays intact.

Scheduling and invoicing

A long-term commitment to the home improvement business dictates that we be competitively priced and accountable for schedule.

We offer these safeguards:
  • A contract that protects the best interests of both the customer and the contractor.
  • A critical path which specifies where the project will be at specific dates.
  • A payment schedule which corresponds to the critical path - you only pay for work that has been finished.
  • An invoicing system which shows any extras or credits and gives you a running total - you'll always know how much the job is costing.
  • Weekly meetings, at a time of day convenient for you. Together we walk through the job to verify the progress and discuss any changes/extras desired.